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The sultry Afro-Latin singer, songwriter, and model from The Bronx, Isa, releases her long-awaited, deeply personal Mirrors Vol. 1 EP.  A flourish of Isa’s signature contemporary pop/soul, the project serves as her long-awaited follow-up to her debut EP Montage.

“Mirrors Volume I was made and curated over the course of 3 years. It’s an introspective look into my experiences as a young woman during that time frame (learning to navigate the music industry without losing myself and my focus, being broke and financially unstable, tumultuous relationships, and the list goes on). I based it on the series of interviews Maria Callas did with Mike Wallace, of which she was very candid and ‘matter of fact’ when it came to speaking on her experiences. This was the approach I took when it came to songwriting for the EP. My background is in the Opera world and that was also a major construct in the development of the #MVI. There was a crystalline focus on vocals and lyrics”. – Isa

Take a listen above.


The granddaughter of famed Cuban vocalist and actress Isaura Mendoza, Isa (born Isa Marina Lopez) is an extraordinarily talented Bronx-born singer, songwriter, and model who has earned rightful comparisons to Alicia KeysSelena, and Aaliyah.

Isa’s music is reflective of her multi-faceted personality, soulful roots, edgy exterior, and overpowering vocal ability (she’s a trained Dramatic Soprano with a range spanning from D3 to D6).

Isa began playing guitar, songwriting, performing at local talent shows, and doing musical theater at the age of nine. Inspired by the legendary Maria Callas performance in Puccini’s Tosca, Isa, at the age of 14, enrolled at The Marianela Sanchez School of Music in the Dominican Republic, where she was classically trained and mentored by celebrated Lyric Soprano, Marianela Sanchez.

Isa returned to the U.S. after graduation and interned with Capitol Records, which influenced her decision to take on contemporary pop music. She released her debut EP Montage while attending Pace University. Isa continued vocal training under the direction of Karen Nimereala (vocal coach for StingMylene Farmer, etc.) to stay sharp during college. After graduating with a degree in Communications, Isa joined forces with a local production team B3D for the hit “Higher.” Now training with New York Vocal Coaching director David McCall, Isa is prepping the release of her sophomore project Mirrors Volume I.

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