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In this ESSENCE exclusive, artist and singer Mashonda talks about the resurfaced photo (that includes ex-husband Swizz Beatz his wife, Alicia Keys and the five children they are raising together), saying that it’s “real life” for her blended family.


Mashonda on That Infamous Vacation Pic of Swizz & Alicia Kissing Behind Her
“We didn’t plan to go on vacation together,” she recalled. “I was out there with my girlfriend for her birthday and my son was there for Swizz and Alicia for spring break. We all knew we were there together on the same island of St. Bart’s so I reached out like, ‘hey, let’s hook up, I want to see Kasseem.’ We made a play date type thing and I came to the beach and met them there. I didn’t know they were going to kiss.”

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