Charlotte North Carolina MC, Deniro Farrar is back with another quality visual for “Consistently Inconsistent” off his Mixtape Mind Of A Gemini. With cinematic production and samples from producer Spano — Deniro Farrar delivers soothing flows that will have you nodding your head in approval.

“This video is a depiction of me in my natural element — me being free and how I truly am — me being nude is an expression of my freedom and liberation — and a kiss my ass to those who do not believe in being free” – Deniro Farrar

Check out the video above.


Another new visual from the “Leader Of Cult Rap,” Deniro Farrar. Going back to back with mother nature visuals, Deniro dances on a mountain and strolls over a bridge for stand out song “Duality” off his Mixtape. This time around Mr. Farrar speaks on liberating the mind and not getting along with other rappers. Sticking to the sample vocals and crisp drums produced by Jared Jamaal, Deniro showcases his personality on the track and in the video.

“Breaking the mold, going against what a modern day rap video looks like. I’m doing away with the money,cars,clothes and hoes mentality. That’s why I’m in the woods because it’s my natural elements. We’ve become so disconnected with life and what’s real, no it’s time we reconnect.” – Deniro Farrar

Take a look above.

Stay tuned for more content as the young Prophet is set to release his Debut EP under Warner Brother Records soon during the fall!

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