Ghost Gets Sloppy/Greg Gets The Evidence He Needs/


Ghost decides to do some snooping around in Greg’s apartment to see exactly how much Greg knows and find the recording taken from the device on Ruiz’s corpse. Ghost also discovers just how obsessed Greg is with the case and nailing him and Tommy.

Ghost eyes immediately focuses on Angela’s bra on the bed pretty much confirming what he thought about his former lover. Ghost’s snooping session is interrupted when Angela shows up at the apartment. Damn she got a key to the apartment that fast?


Ghost is able to avoid detection by hiding from Angela, she immediately leaves after she realizes that Greg is not home. Ghost realizes it’s time to get the hell out of there, and heads back to the window through which he came.From there you can see things are going in the wrong direction for Ghost quickly. He takes off his glove to help him get a grip on the tool he used to open Greg’s window. While doing so, Ghost drops the tool and while panicking he touches the window leaving his fingerprint on the glass.

The Rock Shares Video Of Broken Finger On Instagram

That’s definitely gonna come back to haunt him later. Meanwhile Greg is having much better luck, he is listening to the conversation between Ruiz and Milan from the device he gave Ruiz.


Greg finally gets the break he needs in the case when he hears Tommy voice on the recording and him killing Ruiz and saying it’s all because of Ghost. He still knows that Tommy  didn’t say Ghost’s real name but Greg knows this all he needs to finally prove that Tommy, Ghost and Angela are all in cahoots.


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