T.I. continues to be vocal about the issues of police brutality and the prison industrial complex.

Following the video for his politically charged track “We Will Not;” which featured scenes from police brutality rallies across the country, the “Rubberband Man” drops a new record titled “War Zone.”


Image of protester holding a #BlackLivesMatter sign at a police brutality rally featured in T.I.’s “We Will Not” video.

The Atlanta native doesn’t hold his tongue delivering hard-hitting lines like,

“I’ll be a martyr if my great-granddaughter benefit / They pull you over ask you where your license at / Be careful reaching for it, you know you can die for that / This ain’t nothing new, they got cameras just so you can see the shit that got Dr. King and Abe Lincoln asking where the freedom at.”

“War Zone” and “We Will Not” will appear on Tip’s upcoming EP Us or Else. Listen to it below.


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