urtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson is apparently not too happy with Power showrunner and executive producer Courtney A.Kemp. The rapper who once boasted about his “magic stick” was not pleased when his private parts can clearly be seen during a steamy sex scene where he is pleasuring himself.



Over the weekend the rapper took to his favorite place to throw stones his Instagram account to let Kemp know exactly how he felt about the scene and posted two posts which have since been deleted. See them below:


Courtney didn’t let the known bully get the last laugh though and she responded back to 50. In two Instagram posts of her own she told the rapper “you knew what you were shooting” and that “you signed the waiver like everybody else.”


Unlike 50 her post are still up see them below:

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I'll just leave that there. @50cent

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We all know that working with 50 Cent is the pure definition of walking on egg shells cause the slightest thing can piss him off. Some folks are calling this a “marketing strategy” for the show to help boost ratings, that’s highly debatable cause the show has insane following already. This isn’t the first time Power has been the talk of the town over some body parts. Last season LaLa bared her breast during a sex scene and the entertainment world went nuts. She didn’t beef about it though and took it all in stride. 50 just needs to man up and keep it moving , his junk wasn’t the first to be seen on cable television and won’t be the last.


Also if he hasn’t done so already he should definitely apologize to Courtney for degrading her on his IG account that boasts 11.2 million followers. Congratulations 50 you kinda look like a dick this time (pun intended).


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