Nas and Erykah Badu Ready for Theater Debut of ‘The Land’, Drop “This Bitter Land” [New Music]

Nas and Erykah Badu have linked up for a brooding new record titled “This Bitter Land.” Off of the soundtrack for the upcoming theatrical release of The Land which the duo not only contribute music for, but Nas is an executive producer and Badu stars in the film.

Delivering a standout performance clearly channeling her inner Nina Simone, Badu’s voice staggers and sweeps over the beautiful stringed instruments. Enter Nas with an acerbic verse, offering a deep reflection of his youth and the struggles one encounters when striving for success.

The Land and the accompanying soundtrack will be in theaters and available on July 29. The film tells the story of a group of teenage skateboarders in Cleveland with a dreams of going pro. The four friends however find themselves caught up in a dangerous drug deal that could jeopardize all of their futures. Machine Gun KellyMoises Arias, and The Wire‘s Michael K. Williams also star. The film’s soundtrack features other hip-hop legends including Pusha T,  Kanye West, French Montana, and more. The soundtrack is currently available for pre-order.

Listen to Nas and Badu’s powerful collaboration below. You can also watch the trailer for The Land in theaters this Friday.


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