The fallout over Riq taking Angela’s gun to school is quickly happening in the James and Angela household.

Ghost and Angela arguing about the gun Power Season 3

Ghost is furious and asks her why he she had unsecured firearm around his kids and doesn’t want to hear any apologies about it from Angela. It also didn’t help that Tasha was in his face when they learned it was Angela’s gun in the first place. Angela then rightfully questions why Riq was in her closet begin with and Ghost replies he’s boy they are curious that’s what they do.

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Angela then snaps back that snooping around in her in stuff must be in the St.Patrick genes.The Rock Shares Video Of Broken Finger On Instagram

Then Angela tries to turn the tables on Ghost and asks him if has seen Tommy. Ghost tells Angela the truth and tells her he stopped by Tommy’s apartment but he wasn’t home and that he doesn’t return his calls. The couple decides to back off each other and talk it out and let cooler heads prevail.

Ghost and Angela make up Power Season 3

Ghost reveals to Angela that he had to choose between Tommy and her and he chose her. They decide maybe they were moving too fast, James then suggests he should spend more time with the kids alone. He doesn’t really have any choice since Tasha doesn’t want the kids over there anymore to begin with.

We catch back up with Jukebox and it looks like she’s trying to calm down one of her soldiers before a big job.

Dirt is scared of Jukebox Power Season 3

Dirt is still shook after what took place in the store leading to Wookie getting shot and killed by Jukebox. She tells the young man he needs to relax. Dirt doesn’t want in on the job anymore, Jukebox tells him he shouldn’t drop out and that this job could help him pay for school without having to rely on Sallie Mae. Dirt is still reluctant,Kanan who is now back on his feet hears the exchange between them. He suggests Jukebox forgets about Dirt, Dirt then questions who the hell is Kanan? and calls him a burnt pork rind.

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Boy if only Dirt knew? He’s lucky Kanan is still recovering from his wounds cause we know what would have happened.

Don't make Kanan angry Power Season 3

Kanan attempts to knock some sense into Dirt with his cane but Jukebox prevents that from happening. She walks dirt out the house to avoid anymore trouble between Dirt and Kanan.

Looks like Holly just found out some not so welcoming news.

Holly is pregnant Power Season 3

Holly is PREGNANT and she doesn’t look to happy about it. Did she really think she could have so much sex without protection with Tommy and not get pregnant?

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She tosses the pregnancy test and any evidence of it in the trash. Tommy is currently in the living room playing some PS4. Holly’s still heated at the fact she has Tommy’s bun in the ovenand  isn’t too happy to see Tommy chilling.

Holly interrupts Tommy playing PS4 Power Season 3

She interrupts Tommy’s gaming session and asks what’s he doing about Ghost? Holly is nervous as every now but Tommy isn’t trying to answer her. Their argument is interrupted by a text message from Tariq telling Tommy to meet him at basketball city. Tommy being the good uncle that he is does not hesitate and goes to find his nephew and find out what is wrong.

Jae Shin finds out that his son Dylan has been stealing from and handles it.

Steep price for stealing from Jae Shin Power Season 3

Using an old crude Japanese method, he forces Dylan to chop off his own finger as a form of punishment for stealing from him. Damn that’s cruel but we are willing to bet Dylan will never steal or mess with the product ever again.

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Kanan is slowly getting back on his feet,and wants in on whatever Jukebox is doing but that’s not going to happen till Kanan comes clean with her.

Jukebox and Kanan Power Season 3

Jukebox did some prying on her end and used her police powers to dig up a file on a Kanan. After beating around the bush hoping Kanan will fess up, Jukebox utters the name Ghost and that seems to get the ball rolling. She asks Kanan if Ghost was the one that did that him but Kanan’s silence on the matter was deafening. Starting to put two and two together she also asks why did Kanan allow Ghost to kill his son Shaun. It’s that moment there Kanan reveals that he was the one who killed Shaun because he chose Ghost over him.

Shawn was a pawn Power Season 3

Kanan also reveals to Jukebox that Ghost was the reason that he was locked up in the first place. Jukebox at first doesn’t condone killing his own son but tells him she understands because Shaun was a pawn and you sacrifice pawns for the greater good.

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Jukebox and Kanan are now on square footing, Kanan then asks Jukebox for some of her Texas Tea his new vice.

Kanan hooked on Texas Tea Power Season 3

He asks her about the job she has coming up, she tells him she’s got something planned but he’s no good to her with one arm and they gotta be back to full strength. Kanan lets her know he’s down for whatever!

We catch up with Tommy, he’s looking for Riq at basketball city he quickly finds out it was Ghost who sent the text not Riq. Real smooth Ghost , reaaaaallll smooth.

Ghost and Tommy finally link up Power Season 3

Ghost knew Tommy would do anything for his nephew Riq and used it to lure him out to talk to him. Ghost tells Tommy that Lobos wants him dead and that grabs Tommy’s attention. Ghost tries to convince Tommy that Lobos is using him and won’t hesitate to kill him.

Ghost pleads with Tommy Power Season 3

Ghost pleads with Tommy and they should team up again to take down Lobos. Tommy tells him that Lobos needs him and Ghost tells him only for now. He loses Tommy when he asks Tommy what’s going to happen when he makes a mistake? Tommy is not here for Ghost not giving him the benefit of the doubt and loses it say that he is still the same Ghost. Ghost pleads with Tommy to let him save them both, then asks Tommy if Lobos is coming after him? Tommy stands there silent and doesn’t answer the question (we know the answer) only saying goodbye to Ghost leaving him there standing and wondering.

Things are picking up so quickly, we can’t wait to see what’s in store in the next episode. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @TheSFPL for our weekly live commentary during the show.

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