Looks like Angela’s missing gun found a temporary new home Riq’s book-bag.

Riq got a gun Power Season 3

Riq does the unthinkable and brings Angela’s gun to school. He tells his friend he had no choice after his mom was cleaning his room and almost found it. The gym teacher rolls up on the two teens during their conversation and asks to look in Riq’s bag.

Angela runs back home and frantically looks for her missing piece. She checks her usual spots but no gun.

Angela looking for her gun Power Season 3

Her frantic search is interrupted by a phone call, we wonder who it can be?

They found Angela's Gun Power Season 3

It’s Riq’s school on the line informing Angela they have her gun. Oh no this is not good at all. We know she’s thinking about how Tasha is going to handle this situation.

Speaking of Tasha her and Ghost meet up Riq’s school immediately.

Ghost and Tasha At Riq's School Power Season 3

The two debate where Riq could have possible gotten the gun from with Ghost immediately pointing out the fact it wasn’t him cause she kicked him out. They get called into the office and it’s time to talk about the situation.

The Blame Game Power Season 3

Ghost immediately apologizes and says that there are no guns in his home. The principal immediately points out that the gun is registered to Angela. Ghost was like:

Tasha was like:

Tasha loving the fact it was Angela's gun Power Season 3

LMAO that’s all she needed to hear! The principal suggested that Riq be expelled from school but Tasha easily stopped that from happening. She pointed out the white privilege the goes on in the school and called them out on it. She successfully convinces the principal not to take that course of action with her son but administer some harsh punishments instead.

Ghost explaining to Tasha Power Season 3

Ghost and Tasha leave the office and he immediately thanks Tasha for handling the situation. Tasha points out that Ghost didn’t do damn thing and that her kids will never set foot in Angela’s house ever again.

Image (5) 2411092-229532.gif for post 108685

Greg is using every avenue to get his man even if risks getting fired.

Greg seeking help power season 3

He enlists the help of former colleague to help him get some information on Ghost.

Meanwhile the St Patrick’s are discussing what they are going to do with their hard-headed son Riq.

Riq got some explaining to do Power Season 3

Riq reveals the reason he took the gun cause he feared for his life after learning about what happened to Shaun. Tasha isn’t buying the excuse at all and says no one is coming to shoot you at private school. Shaun then says you hear stories of white boys shooting schools up all of the time.


Ghost wasn’t here for Riq trying to upstage his mom and checks Riq. The young man is clearly over the situation between his parents and it shows. Ghost tells his young son that part of being a man he has to accept the consequences of his actions. We are sure Tasha is looking at Ghost in her head like:


Ghost informs Riq as part of his punishment at school he has to go to therapy and he is grounded and will not be allowed to do anything fun basically. He tells him to hand over his cell phone but Riq says no. What’s with these smart ass kids on these shows? Tasha is clearly the disciplinarian in the house and she takes the phone from Riq. Riq storms off angry, Tasha then blames Riq’s current behavior on the fact that Ghost is not home. Ghost tells Tasha it’s up to the both of them to make them understand the repercussions of their decisions. Tasha of course adds in that they also have to understand the repercussions of his decisions as well. Ghost was like:


Kanan is slowly but surely getting back on his feet.

Kanan getting back in the game Power Season 3

He’s still no where near a 100% and is looking for his pills that Jukebox hid from him. He raids the medicine cabinet but doesn’t find what he’s looking for. He then surveys the damage that has been done to his body and treats his burns. Kanan is fed up but it looks like the road to recovery has officially begun.


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