Remember the two guys Andy and Alby who scooped DJ AM from Ghost last week? We catch up with them and they are in the middle of meeting over dinner with Karen Bassett and are on the verge of locking in a huge deal with her. They ask for the check and find out it’s been paid for already by Ghost himself.

Ghost gets his revenge Power Season 3

Ghost is one slick guy! He returns the favor for their shady move they pulled on him, he introduces himself to Ms.Bassett pretty much planting a seed in her mind. After his smooth move Ghost leaves the table but he knows he accomplished his mission.

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Angela is still in family mode and is out looking at apartments cause they need more room since the kids will be around more.Looks like the normal life with James that Angela always wanted is becoming a reality.

Angela apartment hunting Power Season 3

Tasha takes Holly to meet her new business partner LaKeisha. Immediately you can tell Holly has never been inside a black beauty salon before cause she’s never smelled burnt hair before.You can instantly tell LaKeisha isn’t here for Holly at all especially knowing what she did to Tasha and gives hers a very interesting look. Image (4) tumblr_inline_n43ifdUA9I1raop0c.gif for post 105741

LaKeisha is clearly not a fan of Holly.

Power Season 3

Holly senses the shade and instantly excuses herself from the conversation and “goes to the bathroom”. LaKeisha asks Tasha if that’s the same bitch that stole her earrings? Tasha tells her it’s fine, LaKeisha tells her if she steals anything from out the shop she would beat Holly’s flat ass.

Keisha is not too excited to be working with Holly and walks off, Holly comes back into the situation. Tasha tells Holly to keep her mouth shut and don’t say a word to Keisha. The less she knows the better so she won’t get in any trouble if the shit hits the fan.

Ghost is still worried about Lobos and decides he needs some more protection besides Dre.

Ghost making sure his back is being watched Power Season 3

He speaks with his new head of security Dean and requests a personal detail to keep him safe. His meeting with Dean is cut short by a surprise appearance from Karen Bassett.

Ghost and Susan talking Power Season 3

It would appear his power move he pulled off interrupting her meeting with the Andy and Alby impressed her a lot. She expresses interest in James and possibly wants him to open up a club inside a new hotel she is opening up. She tells James she will be keeping a close eye on him and wants to get to know him personally as well business wise before she makes the move. Hmmmm we are gonna have to keep a close eye on Karen.

Kanan is still in bad shape but good thing he’s got Nurse Candie to help him out. Candie reveals to Kanan that she used to work at the hospital and that’s how he she met Jukebox.

Kanan getting nursed back to health Power Season 3

Candie tends to Kanan’s burns telling him that he has to stay active to keep his skin from tightening up on him. She also tries to get something else active on him but Kanan doesn’t seem to be in the mood for that well not yet. It also sheds light on Jukebox and Candies interesting relationship. The only thing Kanan want’s right now is his pills but Candie is under strict orders not to give them to him.

Texas Tea Power Season 3

Kanan instead turns his focus on what Candie is drinking her Texas Tea (lean). She gives him a sip of it and it looks like Kanan might have found something to rely on instead of his pills. Candie also learns a bit of information from Kanan in regards to what happened to him. He mentions something about Ghost but Candie doesn’t fully understand exactly what Kanan is talking about.

Meanwhile Tasha and Holly have an encounter with the law and get pulled over. It’s a move by Holly though that ultimately breaks the ice between the two drawing them in closer to each other.

Tasha and Holly Get Pulled over Power Season 3

Holly uses her white privilege to get her and Tasha out of potential trouble. She tells the cop that Tasha is her nanny and that they were rushing to get home to her child. Tasha helps sell the story by doing her best Ms.Cleo (RIP) impression and it worked like a damn charm.

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Tommy has a lot of issues to deal with and worrying about weak product on the streets shouldn’t be one of them. He meets up with Jae Shin to discuss who’s stepping on his product and pushing it out in his camp.

Power Season 3

Jae Shin initially pushes back saying that if Tommy held up his part of the bargain this wouldn’t be an issue. Tommy carefully breaks down why Jae Shin should be worried about selling bad product and how it could all come back to hurt both him and Tommy in the long run. Jae Shin agrees to get to the bottom of it and Tommy agrees to honor his end of the deal and get Jae Shin his product. Before Tommy and Julio can leave Jae Shin is called up to hit the stage to perform some karaoke.

Tommy watching Jae Shin doing Karoake Power Season 3

Julio is eager to leave but Tommy tells him he must see this performance. It’s not often you get to witness a drug kingpin performing 80’s classics terribly.

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Looks like Holly and Tasha are getting closer after she witnessed what’s it like to drive while black in NYC.

Tasha and Holly Bonding Power Season 3

The two joke about their experience with the police over glasses of wine. Holly salutes Tasha over her impressive impersonations and she even does a pretty good impersonation of Tommy. Tommy doesn’t think so of course but he’s happy to see his new team getting along so well.

The new team is coming together Power Season 3

Tasha decides it’s time for her to go cause she has to get back to the kids. She reveals to Holly and Tommy that Ghost left her and the kids to go live with Angela. Holly gives her unwanted two cents on the matter and says that Ghost is a p.o.s. for doing so but who cares what she thinks anyway. Holly also sees this as an opportunity for Tommy to go handle his business and cancel Christmas on Ghost now that they know where he is staying.

Tommy is reluctant to take out Ghost still Power Season 3

Tommy still looks like he can’t bring himself to killing his brother/partner so easily still. Holly hasn’t picked up on that sentiment yet though cause she’s an air-head but that’s another story.


Jukebox returns home from a long day of “serving and protecting” and asks Candie what’s the status on Kanan.

Jukebox gets some new information Power Season 3

Apparently Jukebox and Candie have some sort of open relationship where she allows to Candie to indulge with men sometimes as well. In this case I believe she was hoping Candie could pull some information out of Kanan with the power of her P.U.S.S.Y. But Kanan of course didn’t bite… BUT  she did get some information out him regarding who he’s going to get his revenge on. Candie brings up the fact Kanan mentioned something about Ghosts and Jukebox instantly picked up Kanan referring to Ghost. Looks like Jukebox got all the info she needs now.

Candie also reveals that she gave Kanan some Texas Tea and Jukebox wasn’t too happy about that all. She was trying to ween him off the drugs but Candie went and got him hooked on something else. She warns Candie to never disobey her again but Candie looked like she enjoyed the threat from her boo more than anything.

Meanwhile Ghost and Angela are on cloud nine at the moment and can’t seem to be knocked down from their high.

Ghost and Angela Power Season 3

Ghost tells Angela about his potential new life changing deal that could most certainly speed up the process to them moving into a bigger place. The mood quickly changes when Angela spots a familiar face watching them from across the street.

Power Season 3

Angela tells Ghost she has to run back to the apartment to get something and he leaves. Angela goes and confronts Greg’s spying ass and tells him to stop. The two have a bit of a struggle and Angela looks to reach for her gun that is no longer in bag. Greg can’t believe she was actually going to pull a gun on him but he gets over that quickly. Greg unfortunately has something to help those doubts that are stuck in the back of her mind surface again. He reveals he’s not following Angela he’s tailing Ghost and he spotted him leaving Tommy’s apartment. He shows her the cell phone photo he took and now Angela is back to suspicion city when it comes to her man.


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