SFPL Music Review: Moosie Wins “Unappreiated 1986″…

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Hailing straight from the streets of Brooklyn, where he’s dedicated to helping the youth aspire to be great by day and motivated to create great music by night, Moosie Wins has yet again dropped another EP that you can let rock from beginning to end.

In the spirit of Moosie’s precedent EP’s, Unappreciated 1986 is a smooth ride through the mind, heart and soul of a creative rebel that just wants his music to be felt and not just heard. Starting with a “Killer” (1.) intro and transitioning into the Summer Love interlude (2.), the intro makes room for a perfect Summer night of cocktails, love and cuffin’ (no-club).

Enters What You Need (3.), featuring one of our favorites, Berry Boo, whose smooth vocals and sexy grooves sets the bar for the entire project, only to be slightly outdone by the melodic perfection of Worth it (4.).

The grind begins with 247 (5.), an ode to grinding around the clock, and continues with Fail Forward (6.), a motivational push to keep going even when the going get’s tough and the odds (no matter what they are) are against you. The EP rounds out with Faded (7.) and concludes with a feature from another one of our favorite guys, Ashtn Mrtn on Temporary Love (8.).

As a whole, this body of work is more impressive and solid than many signed mainstream artist. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Moosie.


You can take a listen to the Unappreciated 1986 EP right now on Soundcloud.

-Stay Fly!

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