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hen Melania Trump took the stage last night and delivered her opening speech chances are she thought she knocked it out the park. Well that wasn’t the case after the potential (hopefully not) First Lady got called out for blatant plagiarism of Michelle Obama’s brilliant 2008 DNC speech.


Last night journalist Jarrett Hill noticed the huge blunder as he was live tweeting the RNC. He was a huge fan of Michelle’s speech and memorized the key parts that Melania’s speech used word for word. He threw up his observation on Twitter and it immediately caught everyone’s attention.

Of course the Trump campaign has denied any wrong doing in the situation and of course continued to dig their hole even deeper by blaming Hillary Clinton.

Right but ummm the evidence is very damning, here’s the side by side comparison.

Hillary’s strategically did this huh? Riiiiigghhhht


Twitter wasted no time in reacting, they immediately started up the #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes hashtag and went in on her. Here’s just a sample size of the electronic ether sent her way:


We love y’all on the Internet, we really, really do. The slander wasn’t only relegated to Twitter, oh it spilled over to Instagram as well. Hit the gallery below to see the best memes calling out Melania for her blatant biting of our current First Lady

SOURCE: Twitter,Instagram |PHOTO: Getty Images


She Tried It: Wait, Did Melania Trump Just Plagiarize A Michelle Obama Speech?

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