DMV’s Hip-Hop artist Noochie held nothing back with his new thought provoking record entitled: “JEROME” produced by RaRa and Mr. Williams, via OY Music Group In association with Empire Distribution.

The track narrates what some may consider to be a very “touchy subject matter” especially due to the recent police killings that took place last week, and the high rate of black on black crimes, Noochie speaks directly from the eyes of a young black 21 year old man who lives this story everyday.

This track is being deemed as one of the most thought provoking messages delivered by a hip-hop artist in some time. Though the message may ruffle some feathers it must be heard! Jerome is NOT just a song, race or gender… It’s a mindset. All we ask is after you listen to it is for you to ask yourself… are you Jerome?

Listen to the featured track above.

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