Visually and creatively diverse in dance and art with a bold expression, Lisa Sainvil delivers a package of Self-Awareness, and motivation to Move Forward.

The visual filmed by Shot By the Third, is from a project that she is working on entitled PROJ 409 and is based off of my experiences, and music that she’s inspired by. Not your average “Dance Concept Video”, her goal is to convey a message and draw emotions from viewers in an experimental way.

As a strong believer in art with intent, Lisa’s intentions is to move and inspire the watchers with a message, and create an experience that will take you along her ride, visually.

Inspired by the talents and gifts of Bryson Tiller and Motivational Speaker and Author, Rob Hill Sr., Lisa adds a bit both formula from two to complete her vision of expression.

Take a look above.

Featuring Dancers:

Imani Nzingha (@glamazonthedoll)

Julian Russo – ( @foolien )

Alex Francoeur – (@alex_francoeur )

Jason Laws – ( @JasonFCLaws )

James Alonzo White – (@jamesalonzowhite)

Ivan Leon- (@eye_van02 )

Sean Mejia – (@seanye)

Omar Krystion – (@omarkrystion)

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FB : Lisa Sain


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