ast night, June 9th, 2016 at AMC Loews located on 34th street,team SFPL attended a special advanced screening of action/adventure film WARCRAFT hosted by The Breakfast Club’s very own Angela Yee.



Guests filling in. Photo: Patrick Neree

Angela Yee who looked very FLY by the way, got things started as she introduced the film to the guest and gave a quick rundown about the film.


Angela Yee introducing the film. Photo: Patrick Neree

Oh by the way if you want a close look at Angela’s Charlotte Olympia “Zena” shoes, don’t worry ladies we got you cause they are indeed FLY.


Angela’s shoe game is mean. Photo: Patrick Neree

After the film, guests were told to remain in their seats because something special was indeed was going to happen. Angela Yee introduced Paula Patton who plays Garona in the film, a half-human, half-orc whom is very popular in the video game and plays a pivotal role in the WARCRAFT universe.


Angela Yee introducing Paula Patton to guests Photo: Patrick Neree

Paula was very excited to talk to the attendees and eager to know if they enjoyed the film and her performance. Much to her delight many of the guests who were all fans of the video game gave her their seal of approval.


Angela Yee and Paula Patton during Q&A session. Photo: Patrick Neree

Paul took time to answer questions from Angela and even fielded questions from the guest. Things got a bit emotional for Paula when she talked about the work she put into the film all the while dealing with certain situations in her life.

You can tell she put her all into this project and to hear the approval  of her performance after seeing the final product meant the world to her.


Paula Patton answering questions . Photo: Patrick Neree

We definitely enjoyed the movie and listening to Patton talk about her experience making the film and definitely felt her excitement for the movies upcoming release.


Angela Yee and Paula Patton Photo: Patrick Neree

Stay tuned for our review of WARCRAFT which is in theaters tomorrow!


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