Devvon Terrell is known for nailing each cover that comes his way, adding his custom touch to some of our favorite hit songs. Today, the YouTube sensation and talented star drops the visual-cover to his Rihanna-inspired song “Live And Learn,” which he adds the a little “Work” antidote to.

Drake and Rihanna even called the Brooklyn-bred talent and told him to do his own full version of “Work”.


Now, that’s MAJOR!

“Live And Learn” is now number 9 on the iTunes R&B charts in less than 24hrs with 2 million views on Facebook, and rapidly growing on Youtube.


We’ve been covering Devvon here at SFPL since the very beginning and we’re happy to see his growth. He deserves every bit of recognition that comes his way.

Congrats Devvon!

Snapchat: Devvonterrell


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