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Dondria Nicole is back and she is fully loaded with two hott tracks back-to-back, showing off her profound vocals that we all fell in love with from the very beginning.

“‘Luh Ya’ is coming from a place of fulfillment,” expressed the princess of So So Def, Dondria Nicole. The YouTube phenom has just released the most creative, self-inspired music since her debut single, “You’re The One.” With years of proving herself, Nicole has not giving up on love and how she wants to be treated.

“When we’re in new relationships, we’re excited about all the little things Bae does to show us love and affection. And those things make us love them even more. As the puppy love starts to fade, we begin to see their true colors and they ain’t always pretty.”

Take a listen above.

Dondria speaks on her next track:
“‘Too Good” speaks on the realization that bae ain’t it and you’re just too good for him! I wanna gear this record towards my ladies and promote women’s empowerment and self-worth. If they don’t treat you like a queen, tell em, “I luh ya, but I’m just too damn good.
My first album was definitely an expression of young love and how sweet and wonderful it is. This EP, ‘The Day of the Don,’ gives more depth on the dynamics of a mature love. Pulling from my own beautiful and horrible experiences, I have a lot more to say and get off my chest this go around. And it’s only the beginning as “The Day of the Don” also poses as a metaphor for the preparation for my sophomore album.
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