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ove and Hip-Hop Atlanta, our favorite guilty pleasure on Monday’s never seems to let us down. Somehow someway they find a way to up the ante on the ratchetness and outdo the last episode. So let’s do a quick recap shall we? Scrapp is still suffering on the inside cause he can’t see his son, things really begin to weigh on him while out with the fellas and their sons. Tiarra shows she has a heart and brings his son to the play date so he can hang out with his dad.

Scrapps pending jail time is hanging over his head, he eventually finds out the he will probably have to do five years in prison for weed trafficking.

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Scrapp takes it upon to set up a meeting between his mother Karen King her dog and Tiarra, that turned out to be a bad idea as the meeting went completely south. Two just wind up exchanging threats with each other without coming to a clear solution or anywhere close to being on common ground.


K.Michelle’s album listening party finally arrives and things get pretty interesting. Karlie Redd, Mimi and Rasheeda want no parts of the event but D.Smith and Betty Idol show up. D.Smith was in talks to become a creative director on K. Michelle’s tour. Thanks to some beef between Smith and K. Michelle’s makeup artist that won’t happen when the discussion becomes heated between Betty Idol and K.Michelle. Things get even more interesting when Bambi walks and sees D. Smith and Betty Idol and sh*t quickly hits the fan. They start going at it and eventually D. Smith and Betty Idol leave the listening party.


Scrappy and Joc have been evicted from their bachelor pad, guess the neighbors were over all of the ratchetness going on. Scrappy eventually links up with Jessica Dime and she tells Scrappy about her encounter with his ex Bambi conveniently leaving out the part where instigated everything. The two eventually agree to continue to take things further after Scrappy agrees to take Jessica on a date after she does 5 sorry-looking push-ups.

We also meet another cast member J-Nicks whom is conveniently trying to hook up with Scrapp’s baby mama Tiarra. He is currently on the outs with his exotic dancer girlfriend who we meet later on in the episode at the strip club. She wastes no time putting herself into the fold when she makes advances at Joc, of course he can’t resist and we know how messy this is going to get cause J-Nicks is his friend.


Now we get the best part of the night, that’s right the hilarious memes. Hit the gallery below to see the most hilarious ones that accurately describe foolishness that takes place on this show every Monday.

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