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Hodor went out like a true hero!



One thing is for sure on Game of Thrones, you can’t invest any emotions into these characters cause in a blink of an eye they can be rubbed out. Tonight poor Bran lost both his direwolf Summer and his loyal and lovable servant Hodor whom both were Bran’s favorite warging tools.


If you have been keeping up this season Bran has been getting his Warg on heavily with the Three-Eyed-Raven going back in time and reliving pivotal moments in Game of Thrones past.


Tonight we got some very important back story information regarding our favorite medieval zombies the White Walkers and how Hodor pretty much became Hodor. During Bran’s warging time travel sequences we find out that the children of the forest created the White Walkers and the White Walker King to combat humans who were destroying the sacred trees.


Unfortunately the White Walkers got out of control and now are a menace beyond the wall. Bran decides to delve even more and warg’s without the supervision of Three-Eyed-Raven and encounters the White Walker King.


The White Walker King sees young Bran and seizes the opportunity to brand him. Now the White Walker King and his army of ravenous undead can now make their way into the sacred tree. They waste no time and invade the tree but Bran and Three-Eyed-Raven are currently warging leaving the children of the forest. a scared Hodor and Meera to fend off the White Walkers. Meera successfully breaks through to Bran and he Wargs into Hodor before it’s too late. Hodor grabs his young master and pulls his body as they desperately try to escape from the White Walkers. Thanks to some honorable sacrifices from the Three-Eyed-Raven and the children of the forest Bran, Meera and Hodor manages to make out of the tree. They are still not out of danger has the White Walkers are trying to break through the door. Hodor with all of his might does his absolute best to “hold the door” so his master can get away.

It’s there we learn that a young Hodor was saying hold the door and thus giving him the name Hodor. It was a sad to see Hodor go but he went out valiantly. Fans expressed their grief for Hodor’s demise and showed it the only way they know how and that is through memes. Hit the gallery below to see the best ones.

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