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The laughs keep coming in Neighbors second go around!




eighbors 2: Sorority Rising is one of those unlikely sequels you didn’t think were coming but when they do they pleasantly surprise you. Director Nicholas Stoller somehow manages to retell the same story differently while not sacrificing the crude humor we came to love from the first film. Neighbors 2 picks up where the first film left off. We learn quickly that Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) are expecting another child during a grossly hilarious sex scene during the opening credits. It is there they decide they need a bigger home to make room for their second addition to their hilarious family. Their former neighbors have also moved on in life graduating from college to live like “responsible adults”. Teddy (Zac Efron) is experiencing a rut that most college graduates do after they move on from college. His frat bro and best bud Pete (Dave Franco) on the other has had some new revelations since graduation, the biggest one is he’s gay and is set to marry his boyfriend leaving Teddy no choice but to have to move out.

Meanwhile a group of young college girls who just want to have fun like the fellas, Shelby (Chloë Grace Moretz), Beth (Kiersey Clemons) and Nora (Beanie Feldstein) decide they want to start their own sorority. They learn while pledging to a sorority that sorors aren’t allowed to throw their own parties (did anyone else know that?) and are only allowed to attend “rapey” parties thrown by fraternities. Fed up they put their money to together and purchase the now available house next to Mac and Kelly’s house.


Now that doesn’t like a problem right?  Mac and Kelly are about to move out, why should this even be a problem for them? Weeeeelll what Mac and Kelly failed to understand when they put their home on the market is that they were put under a 30-day-escrow.


What that means is that is that potential buyers of Mac and Kelly’s old house can back out if they see the unsupervised house of young girls partying every night. To make matters even worse for Mac and Kelly their old “buddy” Teddy is back and is giving the rookie sorors some much needed guidance on how to run a sorority. Thus beginning another all out hilarious war between Mac, Kelly and sorority.


Teddy eventually is booted from his new gig after being deemed “too old” and he joins team Mac and Kelly and adds a whole new hilarious dynamic to story. Teddy wants his revenge on the girls and convinces Mac and Kelly that they share common interests and it’s to get the girls sorority shut all the way down.


Neighbors 2:Sorority Rising doesn’t fall under the sophomore jinx and successfully delivers the laughs again even though we seen this song and dance before. They even manage to poke fun at social issues such as gay marriage when Pete gets engaged and the frat bros dance around in a circle chanting U.S.A. The movie doesn’t lag at all and earns every laugh it will get out of you. It”s not the perfect comedy but it’s definitely a worthy follow up to “2014’s highest grossing original comedy”. It’s worthy of your hard earned coins if you are looking to catch a flick and get a good laugh in the process.

3 out of 5


Neighbors 2:Sorority Rising is in theaters today!



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