Nicki Minaj Blasts Ex Safaree Samuels On Twitter After Being Served With Lawsuit


Nicki Minaj has reached her boiling point.

Nicki Minaj spent the past weekend celebrating her boyfriend Meek Mill‘s birthday, but the festivities were soon dampened as the star was served with a lawsuit by none other than ex Safaree Samuels.

While Minaj has been relatively mum on Samuels since their split two years ago the Anaconda emcee may have had enough as she took to Twitter to vent her frustrations.

As to what sparked Samuels lawsuit, Minaj believes it’s because he can’t stand to see her happy with her new beau. The 33-year-old musician went on to reveal that Samuels continues to make attempts to communicate with her even after being asked to stop by her and boyfriend Meek Mill.

Now the Trinidadian artist could have stopped there, but she continued to spill all the tea claiming to have caught Samuels stealing from her.

Whoa there! It’s clear the “Super Bass” singer has been keeping in a lot in over the past two years. Since Minaj’s exhaustive rant Samuels has issued a response through a rep,

“Initially things were being handled privately behind the scenes but it was taken to social media and unfortunately its now being played out in the public eye which could easily be interpreted as a cry for attention. Safaree will not continue in any more social media feuds and at this time we are unable to comment or provide any details pertaining to the current legal proceedings that are taking place with Safaree Samuels and Nicki Minaj. We are confident that things will be both favorable and amicable for all parties.”

The plot only thickens as Samuels was recently romantically linked to another bootylicious Nikki. On Monday he was spotted by TMZ, leaving Kaysuya in L.A. with Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood star Nikki Mudarris. Though the two didn’t confirm or deny their relationship it’s pretty obvious they were on a date. Samuels is also apparently going to be on the upcoming season of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood. Well if this is true, what an interesting development.

We are curious to see whether or not Safaree and Nikki are cozying up to each-other simply for the cameras. In the meantime watch the two leaving Kaysuya below and we’ll be keeping an eye on the drama brewing between Minaj and Samuels.

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