Music Choice recently caught up with singer-songwriter-actor, Mack Wilds, as he talked about the new upcoming series Shots Fired. Aimed to turn a few heads, raise eyebrows, and boggle a few minds, the 10-hour movie touches on a dramatic turn of a black cop [played by Mack], killing a white kid. What will happen then?

“The project ‘Shots Fired’…it’s um it’s it’s a tv show. Well I can’t even call it a tv show. It’s like a, it’s like a 10-hour movie umm that we’re showing on FOX and uh the premise is amazing. It’s…it’s very it’s thought provoking. It’s…ya know…what would happen if, in if after all of the people who have been killed by police. What would happen if in some small town in North Carolina, a black cop just so happens to kill a white kid. What would happen in the world? What would happen to that character? What would happen to his family? Like what would happen in the city? And uh I play that cop…”

In the next clip, Mack speaks on the timing of ‘Shots Fired’:

“I think Gina, Gina and Reggie’s um timing on this project couldn’t have been better. I think the world has such a view on, on us after the killings that have happened that, that they need I guess another view or another look to see the other side to see what it what it would feel like and and just to bring up questions, thoughts, ideas to spark like genuine conversation on change. I’m more than um honored that they even chose me to be a part of this because it was a fight…like it was, it was crazy. But to…for, for me to be a part of this um and to, and to use my talent for something bigger than myself is probably one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done.”

Congrats on the new role Mack!

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Photo: ©Music Choice/Juan Navarro

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