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Joseline and Stevie are back in town and things quickly get out of control. The baddest puta is feeling brand new after her stay in Los Angeles and isn’t with the drama. That quickly changes though when she is informed that Karlie has been talking about her again. Joseline meets up with Karlie to let her know that she has serious tea on her and threatens to spill it to the blogs. Tommie and Tiarra are still fighting over Scrapp Deleon. Rasheeda looks to get her employees, her mom and step daughter on point at her shop but that proves to be difficult. She also looks to fix the tension between her, Kirk and Scrappy. Basically though all episode though, the claws come out and the ladies of Love and HIp-Hop Atlanta are at each others necks.

Like we always do after every episode of our favorite ratchet shows, we go meme hunting and look for the ones that perfectly describe the foolishness that took place. Hit the gallery below to see the best ones.

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