HEARTBEAT -- Season: Pilot -- Pictured: JLouis Mills as Forrester -- (Photo by: Justin Stephens/NBC)

HEARTBEAT — Season: Pilot — Pictured: JLouis Mills as Forrester — (Photo by: Justin Stephens/NBC)

These famous black TV doctors paved the way for newest doctor on the scene, NBC’s JLouis Mills.

JLouis Mills who plays “Forester” on NBC’s new drama HEARTBEAT sizzles on the scene as he acts as a resident Perfusionist.

Mills is the son of an NFL player and spent his younger years on the East Coast. As he grew fascinated with film and television, he got his first taste of the business while performing as a background performer on the film Waiting to Exhale. This was when Mills first decided that acting was his dream. Five years later, Mills realized that there was nothing left for him in Arizona and made his permanent move to Los Angeles.

Mills started taking acting classes and booking small roles on independent films when he suffered an injury to his eye, leaving him with scar tissue over the cornea. After a year of recuperation, he attended an acting workshop where he met his agent. She saw his scar as an asset rather than a deterrent and they started working together.

Check out some our favorite doctors who paved the way for JLouis! Make sure to watch NBC’s ‘HEARTBEAT’ on Wednesdays at 8/7C.


Denzel Washington as Dr. Philip Chandler on St. Elsewhere

As Denzel Washington began a career in acting, he landed his first major role as Dr. Philip Chandler in the television show “St. Elsewhere.”

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Jesse Williams as Dr. Jackson Avery Grey’s Anatomy

Jesse was introduced in season six, as a former surgical resident from Mercy West Medical Center when it merges with Seattle Grace Hospital. Williams initially appeared as a recurring cast member, and was later promoted to a series regular in season seven.

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Donald Faison as Dr. Christopher Turk

Donald played Doctor Chris Turk in the NBC television hit series Scrubs from 2001-2010.

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Blair Underwood as Dr. Ben Turner

Blair played the hospitals’ acting chief of surgery who is devoted to his patients and the community for two seasons on City of Angels.

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Dr. Taye Diggs as Dr. Sam Bennett

Taye’s 6-year run in the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off, Private Practice is unforgettable. For crying out loud, he was known as “Dr. Feelgood”.

NBC’s ‘HEARTBEAT’ airs Wednesday 8/7c


SYNOPSIS: “Heartbeat” is a character-driven medical series that follows the professional and personal life of world-renowned heart transplant surgeon Dr. Alex Panttiere (Melissa George, “The Slap”). There is nothing conventional about Dr. Panttiere, who is as cutting edge and unorthodox in the OR as she is with the two men in her life. Her approach to medicine is without boundaries, as is her approach to everything else in her world.

Between Dr. Panttiere’s hectic hospital life that includes a tumultuous love triangle with two brilliant but stubborn surgeons (Dave Annable and Don Hany) and her household of two kids and a homosexual rock star ex-husband (Joshua Leonard), Alex is constantly striving to overcome numerous daily obstacles and be the best mother and doctor possible.

Jamie Kennedy, D.L. Hughley, Shelley Conn, Maya Erskine and JLouis Mills also star.

Loosely inspired by the real life and achievements of Dr. Kathy Magliato, “Heartbeat” is executive produced by Jill Gordon, Amy Brenneman, Brad Silberling, Mark B. Perry, Jennifer Cecil and produced by Universal Television.


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