Aaron Camper – “Guns & Roses”, Set To Appear On Justin Timberlake’s Netflix Special

Aaron Camper continues to wow us with great music and drops off his brand new single entitled “Guns & Roses”. The official track was produced by Aaron himself, Luke Witherspoon, Kenny Wright and DJ Bowden.

Aaron thanks his fans for the continued support:

It’s Aaron, (see..��me ��) just wanted to drop in your email & and say thanks personally for all your true support! I see every time you post, RT, like, share something etc, so believe me when I say I’m absolutely GLAD you’re apart and out here helping us make noise in the industry.. It’s gonna take all of us sticking by this Real GOOD MUSIC in order for it to translate across the world, and that’s the goal! The ➡️ �� !!

Expect more music from the talented act coming soon.

You can also catch Aaron on Justin Timberlake’s upcoming Netflix special as he sings background vocals for the veteran talent. Check out the official trailer below:


By Gabriel Williams (@Gabriel_Will1)

Named as one of NY's top socialites, Gabriel Williams has definitely made a name for himself in today's entertainment industry. Running one of the most respected blogs on the web, featured in several blogs, magazines and on television networks, have interviewed some today's hottest talent, to consulting/branding/styling/creative direction for some of the best acts and brands in the business; and also offering his specialty in music, whether it's providing background vocals or songwriting - Gabriel knows his place in the rapture of all-things-entertainment, and he plays it very well. Praised to be a "mogul in the making", Gabriel is just that "IT" candidate for "All Things Fly"! He is what "Stuff Fly People Like"!

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