Billboard chart-topping pop/dance sensation, Brielle drops off her fun-filled visual entitled “Ought To Be”. The video was directed by Annette Navarro.

Written by Brielle herself and produced by Free da’Dreamer, she says:

“As a chronic embellisher, I love to tell the best and more epic stories, so a major motto of my life is to live every moment as if it were a scene in a movie,” shares Brielle. “I wrote “Ought To Be” about a moment in my life that fell together seamlessly as if it were pre-scripted for a Hollywood movie; it was literally how it ought to be,” she adds. “I couldn’t come up with a better story about that moment no matter how hard I tried and it was pretty much perfect, but I knew that it was a fleeting moment and it ended up seeming like a dream – like a hallucination.”

Take a look at the visual above.

“Ought To Be” is available on iTunes HERE.




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