Justine Skye Talks About Meeting JAY Z, Working With The Dream, Channeling Naomi Campbell at DVF Awards


Before performing at Thursday’s DVF Awards at the United Nations, 20-year-old musician Justine Skye chatted with WWD‘s Rosemary Feitelberg about signing with JAY Z’s Roc Nation, singing at Tommy Hilfiger’s anniversary party in Brazil and channeling Nineties Naomi Campbell.

Check out the interview below:

WWD: What’s new?
Justine Skye: I just recently got signed to Roc Nation, which is huge because it’s always been a dream of mine. JAY Z is from Brooklyn and I’m from Brooklyn so this is the perfect place for me to be.

WWD: What was it like to meet JAY Z?
J.S.: I thought I would be really, really nervous. I’d wondered my whole life how I would react. Then I met him and he was just so warm and welcoming. I didn’t feel like I was in the presence of “a celebrity.” I felt like I was with my family. He made me feel at home. It was at last year’s Made in America festival in Philly so we were just chillin’. This was way before I got signed. We were just talking and I was hoping that he would remember that I was a singer.

WWD: Are you working on a new project?
J.S.: Yeah, I’m working with The Dream, who actually is my favorite songwriter, and Tricky Stewart. They have a lot of history together. To me, they’re like The Dream Team when it comes to music.

WWD: Any favorite actors or directors?
J.S.: I don’t have a favorite director. I’m very all over the place. Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of old movies like classics. I watched “Vanilla Sky” with Tom Cruise the other day
for the first time. I got so confused watching the whole thing and then I realized it was one of my favorite movies. And “American Psycho.”

WWD: Haven’t you worked with Tommy Hilfiger?
J.S.: Yes, Tommy, he’s really, really dope. I did their 30th anniversary in Brazil and I got to go to their show during fashion week. He’s really, really cool. I would love to work with him again. Right now I’m just really focused on my music and getting my project done. But obviously if they call I will do anything. They have supported me a lot.

WWD: What’s your fashion sense?
J.S.: I like to wear things that are funky, cool, very chill, very chic. I’ve been drawing inspiration from a lot of Nineties Naomi [Campbell] and also Foxy Brown. That’s the focus for me and my stylist Micah and Wayman. They style Serayah and a bunch of other artists.

WWD: Which designers do you like?
J.S.: I like Acne Studios. Alexander Wang is really, really comfortable. I’ve loved them, since before I could afford it. Let’s see, I just threw away a lot of things from my closet. I’m really into street style when I’m not doing events like this. I wear a lot of Supreme, Palace and skateboard attire because I hang out with a lot of boys. Being from New York City, I hung out in SoHo and the Lower East Side. I wear Raf Simons sneakers. I’m more of the sneakers and comfortable clothes kind of girl. But obviously you have to get dressed up to come to some things.

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