SFPL Music: Drake Readies The World For Views from the Six Drops “Pop Style” and “One Dance”, Teases with a huge lite mural in London

Though we don’t have an official release date yet, Drake‘s Views from the Six is slated to drop sometime this month. It looks like we could be getting Drizzy’s fourth studio album sooner rather than later as the 6 God dropped two new tracks “Pop Style” featuring The Throne and “One Dance” featuring Wizkid and Kyla. In case you’re wondering who The Throne is, it’s Jay Z and Kanye West of course.

“Pop Style” features dark production and brings us solid verses from Drake and Kanye with some notable bars from Hov. “One Dance” on the other hand is totally different, as Drake continues his flirtation with the dancehall and afrobeat genres. You can listen to both of these tracks over at Stereogum. “Pop Style” and “One Dance” are available on Apple Music/iTunes

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It’s starting to look more certain that fans will be getting Views from the Six within the next week or so. Earlier today a projection image appeared in London’s Covent Garden, displaying a hand forming the shape of a 6 with an eye in the middle. The projection appeared on the side of the Royal Opera House. While many at first began to speculate that the image was the album artwork for Drake’s forthcoming album, a U.K. rep for Island Records confirmed the art is just to tease the release of the new album.

While Drake’s love for London is widely known, it seems strange for him to tease the album there when it’s named after Toronto. Clearly Drake is up to something. So keep your eyes, and ears open as Drizzy continues to toy with us as we all wait for one of the most anticipated albums of 2016.

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