The Word: Blac Chyna One Step Closer To Being A Kardashian


Congrats to ChyRo, only two months of dating and they are already celebrating their engagement.


Rob Kardashian proposed to his sweetheart Blac Chyna last night and she said yes!


Some people may think it’s a late April Fool’s joke, but there is nothing funny about the hefty diamond ring she is rocking. At least we know he has good taste. The two have been inseparable despite negativity coming from the rest of the Kardashian clan. Chyna has helped Rob come out of his shell and shed a few pounds.


Chyna’s BFF Amber Rose took to Instagram to send her blessings to the couple. Muva wasted no time by saying she can not wait for their babies. If Chyna and Rob have children they will carry on the Kardashian name and maybe create their own legacy.


Kris Jenner has yet to make a public statement about her son’s engagement but we can only assume she is not too happy. But then again, the entertainment mogul will probably try to make a reality show deal with E entertainment. All in all, everyone deserves to be happy… even if you are marrying your little sister’s boyfriend’s baby momma 😉

-Stay Fly!

(Thanks Lolita!)

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