On The Gram: Fans Welcome Back Empire With Hilarious Memes

Empire Season 3 Cookie and her broom
Cookie and the broom. (Fox)

Empire is back and it’s just as ridiculous as ever! Tonight’s episode Rhonda loses her baby after she was pushed down the stairs in her house. Hakeem is officially is in charge of Empire after he was the deciding vote to remove Lucious with help of his “bae” Camilla. Camilla wastes no time in taking over the Empire , she has Lucious removed with the help of the police.

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Cookie isn’t here for the return of Camilla and most importantly the behavior of youngest son Hakeem. She meets him at the door with her trusty broom it what was one of the best scenes of the night.

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Cookie and the broom is just too much, meanwhile Lucious is hell-bent on getting his Empire back and takes some very drastic measures. Rocking his gangster fedora Lucious enlists the goons to intimidate all of the voting members so they will be too scared.


Rhonda and Andre are going through it now that she has lost the baby. Rhonda begins to question her own faith and whether or not God is real much to the disappointment of Andre who is now saved. Boo Boo Kitty comes to visit poor Rhonda and helps increase her doubts by telling her maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. We all know she wants the baby she’s carrying from Hakeem to be the heir to the Empire.


Hakeem maybe running things now but he is caught in the middle of love triangle. In order to claim the Empire throne he had to break up with Laura, Camilla wouldn’t have it any other way. Hakeem does so but eventually goes running back Laura and explains why he did what he did. The two eventually make up and end up her in bedroom in touching love scene where Hakeem takes her virginity.


Which brings us to climax of the episode, Lucious and Hakeem meet at the scene where Lucious killed his best friend Bunkie. There he hands his baby boy a gun telling him if he wants the throne he would have to kill his father. For a minute it looked as if Hakeem was going  pull the trigger, but we all know that’s not going to happen no time soon. We are in for long entertaining season!

Of course like we always do after each episode of Empire here at the SFPL we go meme hunting. Hit the gallery below to see the most hilarious ones generated from last nights season premiere of Empire.

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