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Pt.2 of the Love and Hip-Hop NY Reunion show is here and it outdid last weeks pt.1 easily when it comes to foolishness. Lets get into the ratchetedness that took place on our television screens Monday night.

We pick up where we left last time with Amina announcing to the world that she is once again pregnant much to the dismay of Tara.

Peter’s two baby mama’s begin to exchange insults with each other with Tara questioning Amina for getting pregnant after an abortion. Well she is married to Peter for starters.


It was Amina who had the last word though calling Tara a mistress.

The focus now shifts on the star of this season Cardi B, she is introduced with a pretty entertaining montage of her best moments this season.

Which brings us to infamous moment between Peter and Cardi B that had everyone talking last week.

Cardi B put Peter in his place after comments he made about women expecting to be taken care of by men that they choose to sleep with. The situation was tense but the two would later apologize to one another at the end of the reunion.

The most boring cast members in Love and Hip-Hop NY history DJ Self, Yorma and Rose spoke on their non-existent story line.


Yandy and Mendeecees baby mama Samantha are still at odds and the so are Kim and Mendeecees mom Judy. They are fighting over the fact Samantha won’t let Mendeecees Jr. see his father while he’s in jail their reason they are trying to protect him. We also learn that Samantha also has a criminal past as well, she was arrested for robbing Β a bank.


Samantha even went as far to call Yandy a home wrecker claiming she is the reason Mendeecees and his other baby mama Erika broke up.

Things got really heated though when Kim decided she heard a enough and her and Judy almost came to blows again.

We hope Kim didn’t mess up that suit jacket because no got time to be paying for her dry cleaning anymore.


Tonight’s shocking moment of the night definitely belonged to one Rich Dollaz. In his closing statement he revealed that he is still “in love” Moniece Slaughter and he’s going to L.A. to get his woman back.

Riiiiiggghhhht basically just means he will be on another season of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood.


There you have it another season of Love and Hip-Hop NY in the books. Now of course we could end this season without going meme hunting, hit the gallery below to see the funniest memes generated from tonight’s show.

Love and Hip-Hop NY Reunion Pt.2 Memes
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We will be back next week for the return of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. WE CAN’T WAIT!

Stay Fly!

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