Welp it looks like Kryie Irving and Kehlani’s relationship might be in serious jeopardy after OVO Sound artist PartyNextDoor posted a photo of the two in bed alluding they are back together. Now the photo could be old, but judging by the caption it could be very well a recent one. Make no mistake that is Kehlani’s hand in the picture.

PartyNextDoor and Kehlani

Via: PartyNextDoor Instagram

Now that is a very B*tch ass move on Party’s part honestly.


Kehlani and PND’s relationship was very public and the break up was well know. PND pointed out his failures as a boyfriend in a track called “Kehlani’s Freestyle“. She eventually moved on with Kyrie Iriving and things looked like they were going in the right direction.

To rub even more salt in the wound ,Party was spotted performing in a Kyrie Irving jersey.

Unbelievable, you gotta feel sorry for the guy. He currently has to deal with sports analysts constantly dissecting his relationship with his teammate LeBron James. Now he can add the one person he thought he could turn too when things got hectic for him on the court and in the locker room to that list.

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Kehlani and Kyrie Irving’s relationship was also a very public one as the couple always expressed their love for one another on their Instagram accounts. It was just recently Kehlani posted on her now deleted account that she really loved Kyrie. Now we are here and the internet caught of the wind situation and completely ran with it. You know social media can be a very cruel place when it comes to high-profile breakups and just messy situations.

They wasted no time chiming in on Kyrie’s current dilemma:

It’s on the gram of course where they turned Kyrie’s moment of heartache into a memes and pure jokes, peep the gallery below.

Kyrie Irving Memes
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Kyrie make the most of this moment, channel all that anger and use it on the court to help guide your team to a NBA championship!

Stay Fly!