The Word: Cardi B Puts Peter Gunz In His Place and The Internet Loved It.


If you thought Pt.1 of the Love and Hip-Hop Reunion show was off the chains looks like pt.2 is going to be even better. In a clip that hit the web our favorite regular, shmegular girl Cardi B went off on one Peter Gunz.

We’re sure your asking:


Well here’s how we got here. During Pt.1 of the reunion show Amina revealed that she is pregnant again leaving us with our mouths on the floor.

Cardi B wasted no time chiming in, she tweeted her disgust for situation while sharing a link for a story reporting on Peter’s messy situation.

The root of all of it though stems from this clip in where Cardi B let’s Peter have it after some comments he made.

Well damn tell him how you really feel Cardi, she definitely put some facts out there for Peter to digest. Of course Peter had to respond to Cardi. He posted on Instagram a photo of himself with the caption “Don’t hate under the Nas pic, hate under this one…Mood”



Did you expect anything else from Mr. Gunz? We sure didn’t. The internet wasn’t here for Peter either and threw their support Cardi’s way for keeping it all the way real with Peter.

It’s clear Cardi gained a lot more fans after this clip hit the web. We here at Stuff Fly People Like are here for Cardi B


We cannot wait for Pt.2!

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