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Love and Hip-Hop NY’s sixth season is officially a wrap and now it’s time for the reunion show. If you could get past all the shiny sequins and aluminum foil and believe us it was hard, you could focus in on the messy nonsense.

Rashidah let her feelings for Yandy be known. Yandy held her own though,firing back at the stiletto whisperer/ “music mogul”.


It’s still a battle of epic struggle between B.B.O.D and Mariahlynn.

Amina and Tara are still arguing over Peter Gunz and we just don’t understand why they continue to do so.

Amina eventually dropped a huge bombshell on Tara revealing she is pregnant once again by Peter. So much for that vasectomy.

Cardi B checked an unknown hater in the crowd as well as chucked a shoe at Sexxy Lexxy.

Meanwhile poor Lexxy doesn’t know that salt doesn’t cause diabetes when she tried throw an insult.

Wow, just wow. Well the best part that always comes from these shows are the memes and boy did flow like the Nile. Poor Lexxy got the brunt  of the shade though for her diabetes hiccup and it was well deserved. Hit the gallery below to see the best ones generated from part one of the Love and Hip-Hop Reunion show.

Love and Hip-Hop Season 6 Reunion Memes
13 photos

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