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There are just two, yes that’s right TWO episodes left in season 6 of The Walking Dead. Tonight’s episode titled “Twice As Far” definitely took it very far with a very climatic ending. Episode 14 started off very slow and seemed like it was going to be one of those of character development episodes. The writers put all of the attention tonight on Alexandria’s local doctor Denise and genius at times Eugene.

Sorry folks this was a very Rickless episode but he will be back next episode promise.

It looked like we were going to get “safe run” episode with the occasional scare here and there supplied by the walkers. Eugene and Abraham set out to an abandoned factory where the mulletless wonder revealed he had a plan to craft ammunition.


Abraham and Eugene (Gene Page/AMC)

Of course Abraham was all on board for that idea after the two had a falling out when Eugene admitted to lying about having the cure to disease turning the living to walkers few seasons back.


Eguene in a tight spot (Gene Page/AMC)

Things were calm until a single walker made its way out interrupting their conversation. Eugene with his new-found braveness called “dibs” on the walker wanting to put it out of it’s misery. Unfortunately what should have been an easy machete to the skull of the walker turned into a whole dire moment for Eugene. The walkers skull was completely covered in liquid metal and the machete was bouncing off. Of course Eugene would a get a walker wearing an accidental metal helmet.


Abraham watched poor Eugene struggle with the walker until he couldn’t take no more and killed it. Eugene wasn’t happy about Abraham taking away his kill like a nerd stealing a kill in Call of Duty and the two go right back to hating each other. Eugene eventually tells Abraham to leave and let him know “his services are no longer needed”.


Darryl (Gene Page/AMC)

On a separate mission Dr.Denise convinces Darryl and Rosita to be her bodyguards on a separate run to pick up some medical supplies. Sounds very harmless right? On the way there the group has to abandon their vehicle due to the road being blocked and proceed by foot. There was a set of train tracks to follow and the road, Rosita points out the tracks are a shorter route to their destination. Darryl wants no parts of it and takes the road while Rosita sticks to train tracks. Well they make it to the abandoned pharmacy that Denise noticed and stock up. While Darryl and Rosita grab the meds they hear a noise in the back. They determine it’s only one walker, Denise of course decides she wants to go investigate.


Why right? You think they would ever learn to leave well enough alone.


This Walker seen better days. (Gene Page AMC)

What she found though was an incapacitated walker and it looked awful.

Fully stocked on medical supplies it’s time to head back to Alexandria. This time though Darryl opts to follow the tracks which will turn out to be a huge fatal mistake. During the trek back to the truck, Denise spots a car with cooler inside and walker trapped with it. Darryl and Rosita tell Denise to forget it but of course she is determined to get it. She opens the door and right on cue the walker falls right on top of her and a struggle ensues.


Darryl and Rosita double back to help poor Denise, she finds her courage though and kills the walker with a knife to the head. What was her prize for almost being bitten and becoming a snack for a zombie? A six-pack of cola!


After Darryl calls Denise out her brave stupidity, she decides this is her moment for her big speech. Everything is fine until this happens

The best part is she still managed to finish her speech with her last dying breath.


Denise bites the dust. (Gene Page/AMC)

Poor Denise! A group of men led by a very familiar face out number Darryl and Rosita take them hostage.


Darryl and Rosita are in trouble! (Gene Page/ AMC)

Dwight, who Darryl knows quite well is back sporting a wicked burn on his face. He also used Darryl’s trusty crossbow to kill Denise, damn the irony. They also reveal they have someone else hostage as well.


Dwight and Eugene (Gene Page/AMC)

Things aren’t looking good at all for the gang until it Eugene makes one hell of move.

In what might be the  biggest ayooooo moment in television history, Eugene manages to give Abraham a window to unleash hell on the gang. The crew easily dispatches them and escapes with Eugene only being grazed by a bullet, it looked much worse though. The loss of Denise was still a heavy one they will eventually feel in the long run especially now that The Saviors know the location of Alexandria. On top of all that their biggest weapon in Carol has decided to leave the group once again.

Next weeks episode looks to be intense as the gang goes out on all out search for Carol! Peep the trailer below:

Of course we went meme hunting cause you know tonight’s action would generate some hilarious ones. Hit the gallery below to see the best ones.

Stay Fly!

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