In support of his current album Black Rose, Tyrese debuts the official trailer to his forthcoming visual project entitled The Black Book, set to drop on Easter Sunday.

In the visual, shows the trials, tribulations and situationship of a relationship starring singer/songwriters V. Bozeman and Tank, written and directed by Tyrese himself.

It features album tunes: “Waiting On You” & “Prior To You” and Bozeman’s collaboration track with Ty called “You Can’t Break Me”, which it’s debut back in February.

Recently, Tyrese posted a message on Instagram expressing his feelings on what he’s been through, friends he has lost and more all because of his addiction to “Being Driven”.

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The story of my life exactly right now!!!!!! Life I love you……. Love I love you….. Father God I love you….. I'm broken at times and desire your love to cover me and help me to get through…. Everyday I wake up I'm doing the best I can……. I see the joy in simple things….. But my mind won't let me rest…. I'm addicted to creativity…. I'm addicted to producing results…… I've lost a lot of friends and family from this addiction called "Being Driven"…… My addiction to creativity and producing results have caused me to be distant and "Away" from people…….. Some call me arrogant and egotistical……. But those who are IN the "know" know that this isn't true……. When you "know" your value you move accordingly….. In my mind I've left earth a long time ago I have more of a google maps view of the world…… I walk IN a room and I don't SEE what most see…… This is why I will keep inviting YOU to see the WORLD through my eyes……… Before you comment…. Please go to my Instagram bio and click the link….. You have to see this!!!!!!! God I love you and I want YOU to USE ME UP!!!!!! You will always get ALL the GLORY!!!!!! You have brought certain people in this world to CHANGE THINGS and I believe I'm one of them……… Amen!!!

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