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In these trying times, we could all use some encouragement. Bridget Kelly shows us to never give up.

Today, is #InternationalWomensDay and what best way to honor the special moment, than with an uplifting anthem.

Singer/Songwriter and Grammy Award winner, Bridget Kelly breaks down the walls of defeat with her Summer of 17 smash-hit song “Not Afraid.”

In the visual, giving off the reminiscent feel of the 2001 hit movie Save The Last Dance, a woman is pressured to pursue Ballet, but has a heart for Boxing. Challenged to change who she really is, the woman continues to stride toward to what makes her happy, therefore, changing for no one. Kelly is spotted in the video standing firm in the midst of not being Afraid to challenge any task that comes her way.

Shades on, brand new sneakers

Red lipstick and ripped up jeans

Loud music in all my speakers

Baddest tom boy you’d ever seen

See, I, I may not be everybody’s cup of tea

But I’ll be damned

If I change for anybody but me

Cause in the end they always

Circle back around us to see

If you became all the amazing shit

You said you would be

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