Another season of Love and Hip-Hop NY is officially in the books and Remy Ma’s dream wedding was the perfect way to close the season out. Papoose kept his word to his queen and delivered the wedding she always wanted, there was some slight drama but the wedding went off without a hitch.

The creep squad was in attendance and in full effect and Cisco still is out there looking absolutely thirsty. He took a full-court shot at Cardi B but she quickly shut that down.

Peter took the advice of his daughter and decided that he should get a vasectomy. That news didn’t go over to well with his wife Amina and the fake tears started flowing.

Mendeecees and Yandy shared a beautiful moment together. With Mendeecees having to serve an 8-year-prison looming over his head they decided to make the most of the moment. The couple decided to step away from the celebration for some quality alone time with each other.

Noticeably absent from the entire episode, B.B.O.D ditched Rah Ali as a manager, Bianca is still trying to get that magic she had with back in her Young B days and Mariahlynn is Rah’s sole artist and wants nothing to do with the creep squad anymore. DJ Self wasn’t even worthy of any closing statements, well damn.

Now you didn’t think a night matrimony on #LHHNY would be absent of glorious social media slander right? Of course it wasn’t hit the gallery below to see the hilarious memes generated from tonight’s season finale.

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