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This season might be the greatest season of The Walking Dead ever if they continue to belt out these amazing episodes. Negan’s presence is looming over Alexandria and Rick and the game finally set out on the road to deal with the big bully.

Episode 12 opens up with Carol back in the kitchen baking away, she goes about the town delivering her delicious baked goods to the good folks of Alexandria except Morgan and we all know why he’s not worthy of a cookie. Hell even Sam’s grave  got a cookie.

Sam’s death seems to be weighing on Carol but she also seems to be back in her happy place, BUT that quickly changes when Rick and the gang comes back. Rick reveals to Carol that they are going to have to pick up arms and take care of their Negan problem.

Rick contemplating their decision to take out Negan. Gene Page/AMC

Rick contemplating their decision to take out Negan. Gene Page/AMC

Rick like the great leader he is decides to hold a meeting to discuss the decision with his fellow Alexandrians. They are all in agreement with Rick that Negan and his “Saviors” have to be dealt with or they will eventually come for them. Well everyone except for Morgan that is, who feels they should go and “talk” with Negan instead of killing him and his group.


Well it was it was a unanimous decision anyway and the group decided Negan had to be dealt with. Now that part is settled it’s time to formulate a plan. With help of a Hilltopper Andy and Jesus they draw up some very, very rough plans of Negan’s hideout and I do mean very rough plans.

Carol and Tobin Gene Page/AMC

Carol and Tobin Gene Page/AMC

Carol meanwhile pretty much kills all hope of “Caryl” ever happening when she locks lips with Tobin.

Well at least she’s finally get some much-needed action. Glenn and Maggie both decide they were going to join in on the fun in taking out the Saviors. Abraham got a piece of Rosita’s cookies one last time and decided to break up with her after. Tara confessed her love to Denise well at least we thought she did, we find out later in a scene that wasn’t meant to be funny but it is that it was a bold face lie. Now it’s time to officially get the plan in motion now, team Grimes assembles and heads out to Negan’s compound.


Rick Grimes AMC/Gene Page

Before they get to the Saviors hideout they stop to lure some walkers for an intricate part of their plan. They chop off the heads of three walkers and decide on one that closest resembles the Hilltop leader Gregory. Jesus makes an observation that the nose was not perfect. Rick being the quick thinker that he is punches the severed head in the nose crushing it’s nose. Andy looks at Rick and tells him that Negan and his crew got nothing on him.


With everything in place now it’s time to get the ball rolling, Maggie and Carol stay behind with the vehicles while the rest of team Grimes head out to wipe out Negan and his Saviors.

Andy presents the fake Gregory trophy. AMC/Gene Page

Andy presents the fake Gregory trophy. AMC/Gene Page

Andy presents their fake Gregory trophy to convince the Saviors that task of taking out Gregory has been completed. Meanwhile in a scene full of irony in which it could be a joke starting off by saying a lesbian, pastor and Jesus are in a car together.Father Gabriel, Tara have a moment, Tara tells the now pro kick-ass preacher she committed the sin of lying as if that’s the only sin the pastor feels she should be worried about. This all happens with a man named Jesus sitting in the backseat, these Walking Dead writers are something else.


Back to the plan, everything seems to be going of without a hitch, team Grimes successfully infiltrates the base.  After easily dispatching what seemed like the only guards awake, they also take out unsuspecting sleeping saviors. This night was a historic night for Glenn as he popped his cherry and killed his first human. He didn’t handle it too well initially but he quickly got used to it.

Rosita firiing off shots AMC/Gene Page

Rosita firiing off shots AMC/Gene Page

Things quickly unravel when one the Saviors in a dying effort manages to trigger an alarm. An intense fire fight ensues and the gang handles the Saviors quite easily. There was no trace of Negan unfortunately but there was a scene with Glenn where he got to see first hand Negan’s brand of punishment.

Foreshadowing much? Daylight comes and the gang regrouped and everything seems all good. Till the sound of one Savior trying to escape on Darryl’s trusty motorcycle startles everyone. Rosita shoots him before he can escape and just when Rick is about to put a bullet in the guy a female voice can be heard on a walkie-talkie the fleeing Savior was carrying. The voice is not bearing good news as she reveals that she has both Maggie and Carol. OH NO!


Man we can’t wait till next weeks episode! For more hilarious and intense commentary be sure to follow @PhotosByBeanz on Twitter. In the meantime hit the gallery to see Episode 12 broken down in glorious meme form as well.



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