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the-walking-dead-episode-611-rick-lincoln-935Sorry FLY gals and gents for leaving y’all hanging after last weeks episode, we were busy in L.A.  but we are back. Last night on The Walking Dead love was definitely in the air in Alexandria. Rick and Michonne or as we like to call them “Richonne” are clearly in love after their intense night of swirling in last week’s episode.


Rick and Michonne getting ready to “bump uglies”

We catch up the new couple right after their peaceful after sex slumber was interrupted by Jesus standing over them. Carl eventually finds out about the night of passion when Jesus calls Michonne his mom.

Sasha shuts down Abraham (thank you real Jesus) but he still manages to score with Rosita (yuck), but for some reason throughout the whole episode is worried about Glenn’s Bisquick as he eloquently puts it and the idea a child can be born during the zombie apocalypse.

Jesus reveals to Rick and the gang that their “world is about to get a whole lot bigger” when he tells them there are other communities of survivors. Jesus tells them about Hilltop and how they trade with other communities but reveals they are desperate need of supplies. He agrees to take Rick and the crew to Hilltop to talk to their leader douchebag leader Gregory. On the way there they encounter a turned over vehicle and Jesus quickly recognizes it’s one of his people.


Rick is not too sure about Jesus at this point!

Jesus convinces Rick and the gang they should look for survivors and they find a bunch of them held up nearby building. What Rick also finds out is that Hilltoppers and the Alexandrians have a whole lot in common, they can’t fight worth a lick. Rick and the gang easily dispatch the few walkers “terrorizing” the survivors and save them. One of the people they saved just happens to be a doctor/obstetrician, great news for Glenn and Maggie and the pancake in the oven.


Jesus leads Rick and Co to the gates of Hilltop.

They finally reach the community of Hilltop which could easily pass as Calvin Candie’s plantation.


Rick quickly notices that the guards of Hilltops are equipped with SPEARS yes you heard right spears.So not only can they not fight but they have no real means of protecting themselves.


What they lack in the form of weapons they make up with livestock, supplies, food, crops and medicine. The regular towns folks live in trailers supplied by F.E.M.A while the boss man Gregory stays in the very colonial looking home. Gregory immediately comes off as sexist and  reveals how big of a dick he is the group and tells Maggie she should definitely handle negotiations between the groups.

the-walking-dead-episode-611-maggie-cohan-935 (1)

Maggie dealing with Gregory.

We also learn that Hilltop trades with Negan and in return he doesn’t mess with them. A group comes back from bargaining with him with some not so good news. Apparently Negan felt that the drop wasn’t satisfactory and killed members of the group and kept one named Craig as hostage. Negan also told them in order to ensure the safety of Craig they would have to kill Gregory. Nathan proceeds to stab Gregory in the gut and that’s when things hit the fan.


Rick immediately springs into action, and with the help of his new boo Michonne dispatches Nathan in what is the best scene of the entire episode.

The Hilltoppers were rightfully shocked at the violent scene that took place. Shoutout to Michonne for standing up for her man though. Gregory manages to survive his assassination attempt and after an intense bout of negotiations with Maggie agrees to trade with them. The deal is Rick and the gang will take of care Negan for them and they get half of their supplies in exchange. It sounds good but Rick doesn’t know he’s gonna have his hands full with Negan. We are looking forward to an ultimate showdown and won’t be shocked if we lose some favorite cast members this season.

Of course the meme reactions for last nights episode were on point of course. Hit the gallery below to see the best ones that were generated from episode 11 of The Walking Dead.

Images Via: AMC/The Walking Dead

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