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LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE WALKING DEAD HAS RETURNED! Boy did it ever, tonight’s episode titled “No Way Out” is already being called a classic by fans of the show. They are most certainly correct with that assessment! In tonight’s powerful episode we saw A LOT of death from the beginning of the show till the end. Don’t worry no favorites were killed in the making of this episode, but with the way this season started  we won’t be surprised if we do lose a favorite character. Tonight we saw a group of bikers  get blown to smithereens, a whole family devoured by walkers and a mega-herd of walkers chopped into pieces.

Daryl Dixon 21

We even saw Carl take a bullet in the eye… OMG!

The internet of course totally lost it after tonight’s intense episode of The Walking Dead and reacted with hilarious memes. Hit the gallery below to see the best reactions.

Photo: AMC/The Walking Dead


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