Beyonce is really good at this surprising the hell out of us with new music thing isn’t she? We knew something was coming, but we just don’t know when, it’s almost like the rapture. Not to mention this new song/video comes on the eve of the biggest sporting event in the world the Super Bowl. Pretty much light work for Beyonce!


Beyonce literally told the world to stop and carry on with the release of her very pro-black visual for her new single “Formation”.

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If you need any indication just how important this moment is to the culture you can head over to Kid Fury’s Twitter timeline, but here’s a sample:

He pretty much spoke for every chapter of  the #BeyHive across the world and they are in all agreement with him. But what we are also here for is the immediate meme reaction and you guys are Q U I C K with it. See the best ones in the gallery below.

Image: Youtube

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