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Recently, Timbaland announced that he will be holding another event in Detroit, MI on March 4th, which will include a performance for the Flint, MI Water Crisis. Recently, there was speculation about issues that transpired at Timbaland’s previous appearance in the Detroit club, Bleu this past January during his King Stays King Tour.

Despite the rumors that were circulating in the media, Timbaland was still able to help the club raise money for the citizens of Flint, MI who are dealing with a contaminated water crisis. Both Timbaland and the Bleu Nightclub’s spokespersons released statements about the past event and have decided to move forward by joining together again to host another performance in Detroit to raise more money for the citizens of Flint.

Bleu’s owner, Mitchell Jaworski states:

“After speaking with Timbaland, we are pleased that any previous misunderstandings have been talked through and we are able to move forward for the greater good benefiting the people of Flint. We are very proud to be an active partner in this effort and that our venue, Bleu Detroit, is hosting this upcoming event. By working together, we hope that we can help the people of Flint in their time of need.”

Battle Rapper, Quest Mcody and the promoter for this event for Flint said:

“It’s always been our mission to assist in the healing process. Through this misunderstanding, we got to the source, Timbaland and I had a conversation and focused on the solution. The people of Flint need us and they deserve the focus to be on them.”

On March 4th, Timbaland and guests will be performing for Bleu club goers. The tickets sales from Bleu Nightclub will go to Flint, MI to help aid them through this water crisis. Additionally, Timbaland will be making a donation to those who are in immediate need for clean water.

Timbaland says:

“I’m looking forward to returning to Detroit for this benefit performance. It has always been about the people of Flint, Michigan so I am grateful to be able to donate even more to address this crisis.”

In addition to another show in Detroit, Timbaland will also be making up tour dates that were cancelled due to the recent East Coast snow storm in Washington, D.C. on March 3rd and New York City on March 5th. If you cannot make it to Timbaland’s Detroit show, you can also contribute to solving the Flint, MI water crisis by donating to the Water 4 Flint Campaign.

Donate to Water 4 Flint HERE

By Gabriel Williams (@Gabriel_Will1)

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