Cam Newtons Versace Zebra Pants

Cam Newton wanted us to look at his pants instead of his dab yesterday as he boarded the team bus. Ashy ankles and all , Cam was decked out in a pair of $850 Versace zebra striped pants which could very well pass as leggings and some funky shoes to complete the look.


Cam thought he was extra FLY as he exuded nothing but confidence as he strutted to the team bus. The internet though was not here for his expensive #coolpants and proceeded to let Cam have it.

Cam’s off the field fashion has been brought into question before for his choice of pants here are his other fashion “offenses”:

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Those pants weren’t as outrageous as these ones, maybe this is just Cam displaying his love for the brand, that the rap group Migos affectionately made a song about, who also who made the dance move he so loves to do on the football field. Or maybe it’s just Cam trying to hard to be fashion forward? Whatever it is the folks on the internet is not here for it. We just hope Cam seals the deal and wins the chip cause internet will not be kind.We can already see the Michael Jordan crying face being photoshopped on his head wearing those pants. Hit the gallery below to see folks clowning Cam’s pants.

Image: Instagram

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