Azealia Banks DIsses MTV

You can now add Azealia Banks to the surpising list of black people who are willing to take a chance on voting for Donald Trump and his insanity.

Azealia Banks is voting for Donald Trump

On the official first day of Black History Month 2016, Banks announced to her Twitter followers that she has decided to support Donald Trump.  As expected she caught a lot of flack for her decision, but the “ATM Jam” rapper stuck to her guns and defended her position.

Banks explanation for decision to support Trump:

In conclusion, I think Donald Trump is evil like America is evil and in order for America to keep up with itself it needs him.


Banks also gave her opinion Trump’s Democratic competition:

The other candidates are simply, them hoes over there’ #thots.


Oh wait Banks had more to say on the country she currently lives in:

I only trust this country to be what is full of shit. Takes shit to know shit so we may as well, put a piece of shit in the White House.

This is literally one of the most backhanded endorsements of a candidate we have ever seen. But we are sure Trump welcomes the support regardless if he is being referred to as feces.


Here are all of Banks tweets about her endorsement for Trump below:

Now we here, at Stuff Fly People Like are all for folks exercising their God given right to vote for whomever they feel best represents their interest at heart. We just gotta call a spade a spade when folks start voting against their interest. Also choosing to rock out for a guy who wants to build an imaginary wall to keep out invading “illegal immigrants is just bananas.

We also find it funny that Banks feels this country is so horrible, if that’s the case she’s more than welcomed to leave. America is far from a perfect country, but compared to a lot of places it’s not the worst place to be. Banks also needs to realize if the country is broken as she claims supporting someone who could care less about fixing it isn’t going to help matters. It’s beyond counterproductive and it’s just doesn’t make any damn sense!tumblr_inline_nr14mjdgPZ1tri7aw_500

We also find it quite hilarious that in the same breath Azealia is championing for blacks receiving reparations for slavery.

So Azealia, you think if you vote in Donald Trump he’s going to make sure that happens for blacks?


All signs of course point to an emphatic NO!  But  you want to help Donald “make America great again”. Seriously Azealia we can’t rock with you on this one here.


Stay Fly!

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