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Photo: Intstagram/@torylanez

Photo: Intstagram/@torylanez

Tory Lanez is already starting the new year out with a bang! Making his TV performance debut on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE, the talented artist took us on a live course of his hit single “Say It”, and to top things off he performs with the original members of Brownstone.

It’s been 20 years since the 90’s girl group performed together so it was a very special moment  that will be remembered for years to come. A great move on Tory’s part especially since the massive song samples the group’s classic hit single “If You Love Me.” Unfortunately, Brownstone was missing one original member, Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell who passed away in early 2015.

Members Nicci Gilbert and Teisha Brown even wore #Maxee Tanks to celebrate her legacy.

Peep the performance below:

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