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Kanye West and Amber Rose

We are absolutely sure Kanye West figured he would be trending on the net after making “Waves” but not for this reason. If you have been under a rock or in a cave, things went south figuratively and literally quickly for Mr.West when his ex Amber Rose came on Twitter shut down his Twitter fingers with only two tweets:

Kanye was immediately bombarded with memes after his love for anal play was put out there by his ex. He has since denied Muva’s claims and put out this tweet, disputing Amber’s claims she was his Colorectal specialist :


Well looks like folks didn’t believe Yeezy one bit, and now we are here with the #KanyeAnalPlaylist. How did we get here? Who started it? Well this guy is solely responsible for Kanye still being the butt (pun intended) of all jokes today and probably well into the weekend:

Ever since the hashtag was put out there, folks have been slandering Kanye with songs, remixed song lyrics and memes that well have to do with the art of anal seduction.

This is just ridiculous and absolutely hilarious at the same time, see for yourself:

Complex even went and made an actual playlist:


We are sure Amber is getting a kick out of this, she done opened up Pandora’s box. Hit the gallery for even more ridiculous tweets from folks participating in the no chill session.

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