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Over the past few weeks Kanye West has taken to Twitter to offer fans details on his forthcoming album, initially titled Swish, but as of last night the album is now titled Waves

Following Ye’s announcement another rapper took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with the new title. Enter Wiz Khalifa, who basically called West out for stealing his “wave” from incarcerated New York rapper Max B.

Well Kanye caught wind of Khalifa’s comments and in true Ye fashion went on exhaustive Twitter rant where he held back no punches. Ye took things a bit too far mentioning their mutual ex Amber Rose and Wiz’s child with her. West did warn that he was about to take a page out of petty 101.

Khalifa barely gave West the time of day and kept his comments short and sweat.

However, Khalifa’s team Taylor Gang wasn’t going to let West off the hook that easily. They followed suit with a series of tweets of their own.

It didn’t take long for Kanye to delete his Twitter rampage, start spewing that he needs to focus on the positive, and claim to have nothing but love for Wiz. He also took this opportunity to let us know his forthcoming project is a Gospel album.

Though he kept things light-hearted Kanye wouldn’t be Kanye if he didn’t throw another jab and claim obliviousness.

While West was wrapping up his rant, Amber Rose finally joined the conversation. Amber weighed in on her ex choosing to bring her into his spat with Khalifa in the best way possible!

If you ask me Amber Rose came out on top and ethered Mr. West in two tweets. Maybe Kanye will finally learn his lesson and stop slut shaming his ex while acting as if his wife Kim Kardashian is pure and innocent.

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