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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop follows up on the ridiculousness that took place last week. The show opens up with Rah Ali meeting up her friends Talia Coles and the super thirsty Rose. Rah needed to vent after her disastrous fashion show where her two “star artists” Lexxy and Mariahlynn went at each other throats about rocking a stage during a showing of maxi dresses.


Meanwhile Remy who made it clear no one crosses her once, isn’t too concerned about Rah and her nonsense. She’s too busy planning a wedding with her boo Papoose. While they are tasting cakes, Papoose decides they need to talk about the guest list. Remy is reluctant to do so because she feels no one likes her cause she got locked up. She feels Papoose mom doesn’t care for her for putting Pap in that situation and she even feels her own family wants nothing to do with her. Pap like the good man that he is reassured her that they will fix this before the big day comes.


Yandy on the other hand isn’t having the same issues the stiletto whisperer is having YET! Yandy links up with her new artist Moe who is fresh off her “breakup” with her partner Lexxy. Yandy puts the battery in her back and looks to start some friendly competition within her stable by giving Moe a beat she also gave to Bianca.


Amina has come to terms with her decision to abort her child .That move somehow brings Peter and Amina back together and the always dysfunctional couple decide to give love another try AGAIN.


When will Amina learn? Well we  hope she’s ready for the bomb Peter is about to drop on her. Lexxy still fuming after getting played at Rah’s fashion by her manger and Mariahlynn, needed someone to confide in. Who else better than her former B.B.O.D partner Moe. The two seem to have patch things up and still remain sisters but Moe makes it perfectly clear they will never make music together again. Moe reveals and drops  the bomb on Lexxy that  Yandy is on her A game as a manager, and is setting her up for “success” immediately.

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Our new favorite Cardi B fresh off etiquette class with Bianca decides to invite B and Mariah out to engage in some “white people activities” glass blowing. Ain’t nothing like talking about hood beef  and shenanigans while blowing some glass blowing right ?


Lexxy fresh from here meeting with Moe, didn’t hesitate to tell her manager Rah that she is slipping after hearing from Moe about her “skyrocketing” career. Rah quickly let her artist know that she doesn’t care what they got going on over there on team Yandy. After hearing Lexxy complain, Rah drops some good news on Lexxy about a studio session she booked her. You know how these Love and Hip-Hop artist love their studio time.


Relieved of his fathering duties, Rich Dollaz decided it’s time to hit the streets and be a creep again. He links up with the creep squads newest member DJ Self and Papoose who’s just there to listen cause he’s no creep. Self explains his “dilemma” to the fellas and guess who decides to pony up the advice first? Rich Dollaz of all people.


Lexxy is super excited for her studio session, what Rah didn’t tell her is that French Montana would be in the studio as well. Lexxy is shedding tears of the joy cause the shoe expert has come through for her. Rah tells Lexxy to spit her new song for French in the studio and his face was pretty much like…


Rah asks French what he thought about Lexxy’s record and he said it’s “sexy”. Rah then asks is it sexy enough for him to get on the track and French was like:


Rah didn’t stop there, she also asked the “Ain’t Worried About Nothing” rapper if he would take the track with him to listen to and he agreed to “lend his ear”.


Now for the big moment! Things are finally looking up for Peter again, he’s got his wife back and he’s home where he belongs. He gets a call from Tara and that’s when things come spiraling down all over again. We already knew Tara’s big secret, she finally decides to tell creep numero uno. She freveals that she is 18 weeks pregnant with Peter’s child. His immediate reaction was:


How is he going to break this news to Amina? Meanwhile on Instagram, Tara is taking these maternity photos for the kids.


Papoose and Remy visit Papooses mom Irene to patch things up before the wedding. Remy learns that Irene never held anything against her for what happened.


Remy still isn’t too sure about her mom though but the couple still cleared on huge hurdle that might of stood in the way of their big day.

Now for the final scene, Yandy is in the studio with Moe who is very eager to get things going since the “breakup” of B.B.O.D. Moe is going to work on the track originally given to to Bianca and Yandy likes what she is hearing. Bianca decides she is going to stop by the studio with her buddy Cardi B.


Bianca isn’t too pleased to see Moe in the studio and she’s really pissed off to hear Moe on the track that Yandy gave to her. Bianca quickly presses Yandy, Yandy is not here for it and tells Bianca you don’t pay my bills.


Cardi B isn’t here for it either, she doesn’t want mess up her hair and nails. The two won’t back down and Bianca throws her drink in typical Love and Hip-Hop fashion at Moe. We have to wait till next week to see how this battle for mediocrity plays out. Now that you are completely up to speed with all the foolishness that happened in tonight’s episode, treat yourself to the hilarious memes the clever folks on the web made in the gallery below.

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