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Is love in the air? We believe so. This time with Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. Yes, you read this correctly.

An unexpected post made an appearance on Blac Chyna’s IG this morning with the caption: “The beginning.” 

Immediately, everyone put the clues together as to who the mysterious tatted arm belongs to. Once putting the pieces together, the name eventually surfaced that it was indeed Rob. This completely comes as a shock to everyone.

Look below at the posting:

The beginning ☘

A photo posted by (@blacchyna) on

So we’re guessing that Chyna and rapper-producer Future has called it quits? You may remember Chyna “allegedly” getting inked up [posted on Ciara‘s birthday] with the Future Hendrix’s name on the side of her hand, which he later shutdown rumors about them dating and tweeted: “Single & focusing on what makes me happy.”




Soon after, Blac Chyna starred in Future’s new visual “Rick $ex” in November of 2015.


Sources close to both Rob & Chyna told TMZ, that the two have been together almost non-stop for several days. Chyna used to live next to Kris Jenner‘s house, but she and Rob never hung out back then at all, so this is an all new hook up.

Once the news quickly spiraled on the net, Khloe Kardashian took her feelings to Twitter, quoting a classic line from the movie The Godfather.

She then, quickly refuted her statement, advising that it wasn’t about Rob.

But thinking twice about her tweet, she then thought maybe her comment could also relate to another situation [hint: Rob & Chyna].

Hinting that she is just as new to the news as everyone else, she then tweeted:

We just can’t keep up anymore.

What are your thoughts on this whole situation? Is Chyna out of control? Is Rob in the wrong? Is Blac Chyna just simply getting revenge after all? 

Take your thoughts to our comment section now and let us know!

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